Check These Tips Before You Launch Your Fashion Blog!

Creating a website doesn’t have to be a lengthy and complicated procedure anymore. Even when you don’t have the budget to hire an in-house experienced designer or web developer, you can still rely on website builders to get the perfect design. In case you are unaware, website builders allow a user to create a website without any knowledge of coding, and there some like Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and Shopify, which have great templates that are designed for fashion and style blogs and websites. That said, here are a few tips before you actually go ahead and publish your blog.

Start with visuals

Fashion is not about inner beauty but about what appeals to the eyes. It is necessary that you consider your brand and how you want people to see it. When we are talking of a ‘brand’, this can refer to anything from an online fashion retail store to blogs, personal pages and more. The color scheme and visuals often make a huge difference, and it is necessary to use original, high-quality images. Using stock images for fashion websites is a strict NO-NO. Invest in a good camera or consider hiring a photographer, but you need at least three dozen of photos before the launch.

Color and font

If you want your fashion blog to stand out, you have to consider a color scheme that defines your brand. Some of the best websites in this niche have white, grey and lighter pastel colors as the base, and that’s trending at the moment. To be more precise, go for a more light-toned theme rather than a complete contrasting mix. Another aspect that many designers and website owners forget is the font, which has to be appealing but also unique and readable. You don’t even have a complete second to grab the attention of the viewer, and you better do it right.

Content that matters

Typically, most fashion websites and blogs focus more on the images and visual contents rather than text contents. However, for marketing, SEO and paid promotions, you need quality content on your website. We recommend that you have a content plan ready for at least a few weeks after the launch. When your website is ready, place a few contents and images to check the final look.

Prototyping your fashion website is absolutely important. With website builders, you don’t have to talk to a designer to get the changes done.

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